Simple staircase workout

Stuck at home? Want a super speedy cardio workout? Missing the stair climber?

Here’s a quick workout that will get your heart racing and muscles pumping. Use the walking back down as your rest time.

If you don’t have many steps, repeat each part several times, if you have loads of steps… Lucky you!! 🤣

Here goes:

  1. Single step fast (pump your arms)
  2. 2 steps at a time, alternate sides
  3. 2 steps at a time, left leads
  4. 2 steps at a time, right leads
  5. Single step fast (pump your arms)
  6. Sideways facing right, left leads
  7. Sideways facing left, right leads
  8. Sideways, facing right, cross over legs
  9. Sideways, facing left, cross over legs
  10. 2 steps at a time, and kick back, left leads
  11. 2 steps at a time, and kick back, right leads
  12. Single step fast (pump your arms)

If you don’t fancy doing this as a full workout, you can build it into your every day, each time you take the stairs, find a different way to get to the top!


BONUS: If you have a bit of extra energy, finish off with a Tabata session of toe taps or box jumps using the bottom 1 or 2 steps only, land soft. 20 seconds jumping, 10 seconds rest – repeat 8 times!


Enjoy! 😘



Safety notes:

Get back down to the bottom of the stairs SLOWLY – no fancy tricks required.
Use the banister rail where necessary as support but let your legs take the force.
Make sure you have decent footwear on – not just socks!
Ensure you are cleared by your doctor for this type of exercise.
Take a longer rest if needed.
If you complete to bonus finisher – take care and step back down one leg at a time if you need to.