Let me be your diet guinea pig

I’ve been asked many times what diet plan I think someone should follow. “What should I eat?”, “What should I avoid?” or what I think of a certain diet.

Although I can give my opinion based on what I’ve read, I am not a nutritionist and so cannot prescribe a diet plan, although I can provide some solid pointers 😉 . Although it’s never a one size fits all, I’ve decided to try out a few of the diets I’ve been asked about – at least that way I can give a first-hand account of how it went – the good, the bad and the tasty!

REMEMBER: Always speak with your doctor first before drastically changing your eating habits.

The plan

I’m going to work my way through a list of diets, each month or fortnight depending on the diet (as some are for a max of 3, 5 or 7 days). I will have at least a few days eating as normal in between rather than doing different diets back-to-back.

What I’ll be judging

I’ll approach each diet with an open mind and judge it based on:

  • Energy levels 💯 there’s little point in a diet that makes you want to sleep all day because you have very little energy
  • Body changes 💪
  • Side effects 😵 are there any “side effects”…?
  • Ease 🤔 – How well would it fit into a normal lifestyle
  • Cost 💰 – would it be achievable long term?
  • Was it enjoyable? 🙌
  • Alignment to its aim 🏹 does it achieve what it set out to?
  • and whether I would recommend it 💭

List of diets and their reviews (this will grow 😀):

Are there any others that you want me to try?!

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