Benefits of Exercise in Pregnancy

There are many benefits to exercise during pregnancy from helping you sleep better, managing weight gain and preparing for birth. Medical experts agree that all healthy pregnant women should aim for at least 30 minutes daily exercise to improve their well-being and benefit their baby.

If you’re struggling to maintain your exercise routine, or need some motivation to get started, check out these 10 key reasons to stay fit during your pregnancy:

🤰 Struggling with tiredness? Regular exercise will actually give you more energy

🤰 Exercise during pregnancy produces feel good endorphins to boost your mood

🤰 Exercise during pregnancy strengthens and stretches your muscles, helping your body cope with niggles and discomforts such as heartburn and lower back pain

🤰 Medical research has shown that women who exercise during pregnancy have a decreased risk of pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes

🤰 Regular exercise will help aid restful sleep

🤰 Labour is physically demanding and exercising during pregnancy improves your strength and stamina

🤰 Regular pregnancy exercise helps to manage a healthy weight gain, keeping your body toned

🤰 Staying fit during your pregnancy can speed up your recovery after your baby is born

🤰 Exercise during pregnancy makes it easier to adapt to your changing body as your baby bump develops

On top of all that… It’s good for baby too! Research has shown that babies born to women who exercised during pregnancy tend to be leaner at birth, develop more quickly and are more likely to exercise themselves later in life.