Why hire a personal trainer?

Are you struggling to reach your health and fitness goals? Maybe it’s time to invest in your health and hire a personal trainer.

Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

We all know that feeling of being bombarded with information, many times, so much so that you just don’t have a clue where to start… We start to question what will work for us.

This is where a personal trainer comes in, we can help you consolidate all those ideas, talk through your history, injuries, niggles, likes and dislikes and design a program specific to you, your goals and your history, a truly PERSONAL training program. What is right for someone else isn’t necessarily right for you, we can help you tailor a workout programme for your individual needs.

There are times when everything seems to be going to plan, you’re hitting the gym three times a week, quite enjoying it and even going out for a nice long run every Sunday, but what’s going on?… You’re not seeing results anymore. A personal trainer will be on hand to challenge you while still keeping you safe. Our bodies can get used to the routine we put them through, adapting to that level of stimulus which means results slow down. Personal trainers can work with you to shake up your exercise routine and provide you with small changes that mean you see results again.

A big aim for me as a personal trainer is to help clients form good habits. The best way of achieving long-term success is to turn health and fitness behaviours into habits. By holding you accountable and getting you into a routine that sees results, a personal trainer helps you form habits which makes your goals much more achievable.

Personal trainers do much more than push you through a workout, we’re there to teach you – we’re trained in the human body and how it works, and so can give you little hints and tips to get the most out of your workout and your nutrition plan.

Yes, we can help you with your food too!

If you’re wanting a bit of advice on what to eat, or if you’re considering a diet plan that you’ve read about and aren’t sure if it’d be right for you then a personal trainer can help.

Note: unless they are a registered dietitian your personal trainer should not be providing you with a meal plan, although they can certainly offer you advice and recipe suggestions!

✔️ Getting it right

One of the main things my clients appreciate about having me as their personal trainer is the support and supervision I provide during their workout. Sometimes the thought of exercise is a scary one, what if I do it wrong? Where do I start? The gym floor, in particular, can be an intimidating place, and a trainer can help you get over that hurdle and support you through your workout making sure you get your form correct (in order to prevent injury) and to motivate you to achieve the results you want.

📈 Get results

Personal trainers help you set (and achieve) realistic goals. It’s actually a fairly difficult task to set yourself a realistic goal. It’s easy to look through Instagram and think “I want to look like that”, but is that a realistic goal for you? We’re not all the same, and a personal trainer can help you understand the reasons behind your goals and break them down into bite-sized chunks to help you make progress.

Why not take that first step in achieving your long-term health goals today? Contact me to book in your free consultation.