Weight loss wagers

A bit of a worrying trend sweeping the industry at the moment; Weight-loss wagers.
I am all for getting together and motivating each other in the pursuit of a healthier (yes, I said healthier, NOT thinner!) life, however, I really don’t believe betting money on your own weight loss* is the answer.

*Note, I said weight loss here not fat loss. Losing “weight” quickly – ie: dramatically reducing calories in – in the hopes of seeing a lower number on the scales is not necessarily the answer to being healthier. So many things determine the number on the scales; time of day, water intake, whether or not you’ve been to the loo… Seriously, stop fussing about the number on the scales and start thinking about the bigger picture. How do you feel? How did you sleep?

What is a weight loss wager?

Websites and apps have been popping up on the net waging your goals of weight loss against a bet. You to pay in some money as an incentive to lose a certain amount of weight in the hopes of gaining a larger monetary reward at the end of a certain amount of time.

How does it work?

Upon signing up to the app, you input your current weight (usually by means of taking a photo of yourself on the scales) and pledge to lose a certain amount of weight, often in terms of body weight percentage, by a certain time. Once you have paid in your money, you’re in. Weekly checks take place to see how you’re progressing and how you compare against others in that particular wager. As with standard bets; larger the waged amount, the larger the reward.

The pros

Motivation is a HUGE factor in weight loss, without a true focus and goal, it is a very difficult thing to do, it takes will power and determination. As the saying goes;

“Money makes the world go around”

With the hopes of a monetary reward, motivation increases so one is perhaps more likely to stick to the weight loss plan.

The cons

As another saying goes;

“Money can’t buy happiness”

Quick weight loss like this is often achieved by extreme methods of deprivation. A dramatic reduction of calories which may get you the results you desire over a short period of time, but is the foundation of yo-yo dieting, the results are not achievable in the long term, and often times, as soon as the wager has ended, so has the motivation.

This kind of money-driven weight loss is screaming out to those that may be prone to eating disorders. If you feel you may have a tendency to fall into this bracket, seek medical advice, talk to your friends and family if you feel you can. Don’t fall into the trap of the website/app money makers.

Also, with the money thing… You might not actually get that much back! Depending on the site, you may only receive your original waged amount in return (the usual case if everyone in the wager achieves their goal).

Another option

Think of the bigger picture, look into your why!

Why do you want to lose weight?

If you have been told by your doctor that you should lose weight 🩺Why? Is it affecting your quality of life? Is it to reverse the effects of lifestyle-related illness? Is it to increase your chances of conceiving? Don’t just look at it as weight loss, think about why you are doing it. Personally, having a happier, healthier life is far more important than having a few extra pennies in my back pocket.

To look good in a bikini 👙 for your summer holiday/look great on my wedding day 👰🤵
That’s a good enough incentive right there surely? If that’s your why, go for it. Who are you going on holiday with? Will they help you out with the will power side of things?

Slower, more thoughtful FAT loss is a better solution. The quicker you lose weight, the quicker it goes back on. Losing 1-2lb of fat a week is plenty for those that are overweight. Educating yourself on safe fat loss methods where you can really reap the rewards is far more beneficial in the long term.

There is so much information out there, I get it, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the latest trend, and I totally understand that it may seem like a great quick fix and a little bit of extra pocket money if the bets do pay off but YOU are more important than that.
Learn how to live a healthier life, try and enjoy new foods, get out in the fresh air some more, have a go at lifting some heavy stuff (start light and work your way up!); that way you can enjoy ALL the benefits losing weight in a sustainable way as well as reaping the benefits of living a longer, happier healthier life.

If you have no idea where to start or want a bit of advice, get in touch and we can chat first steps – no obligation!