Spotlight: Ximenia

X is for Ximenia

Named after a Spanish monk, Ximenia is a flowering plant in the Olacaceae family.  Shaped like a round plum with taste descriptions ranging from a sour plum to bitter almond, it is found primarily in Africa and the Middle East.

🍑 1 ripe fruit is 27% Vitamin C and 18% protein

🍑 The seed is 65% oil

🍑 The Ximenia is not just an edible fruit, it is used for all sorts of purposes, including in foods such as chocolate and to create sour preserves and alcohol. The high oil content of the seed leads to many uses in cosmetics and skin creams, thought particularly useful for treating dry skin

🍑 Traditionally, the ximenia bark is used for treating oral infections and toothaches [lacking scientific research]