Spotlight: Rambutan

R is for Rambutan

The Rambutan is native to Southeast Asia, and I first tried it when travelling with the EasyRiders in Vietnam when we stopped off for a quick snack.

🌳Rambutan grow on trees that can grow upto 25m high

🌳It is similar to the lychee with a translucent white flesh which tastes fresh, juicy, sweet and almost creamy – don’t eat the seed

🌳100g of Rambutan contains 1-2g of fibre and around 20% of your daily requirement of copper – a mineral that helps with the growth and maintenance of your bones, brain and heart.

🌳6 Rambutan provide around half of your daily Vitamin C requirements

Honestly, rambutan are a bit of a faff to eat, having to peel the “hairy” skin off each one and then navigating your way around the seed however they’re totally worth it, they’re both refreshing and indulgent, a real treat for the taste buds.