Spotlight: Orange

O is for Orange

High in fibre and a large dose of Vitamin C, there’s a heap of goodness in the humble orange.

๐ŸŠThere are over 600 varieties of orange worldwide

๐ŸŠThe average orange contains 12% of your daily fibre, 6% of your daily potassium, 5% of your daily Vitamin A and almost your daily recommended daily dose of Vitamin C

๐ŸŠThe average orange contains around 11mg of Choline. Choline is needed by the brain and central nervous system to regulate mood, memory and muscle control

๐ŸŠ The average orange contains around 7% of your daily recommended dose of copper; copper is an essential nutrient which aids iron absorption as well as working with iron to help the body form red blood cells

Whether you enjoy a glass of orange juice with your breakfast, an orange chopped up an in a fruit salad, baked into your favourite dessert or served as part of your favourite dinner oranges are a great nutritional addition to your diet.

Just remember, oranges are high in sugar (~12g of sugar per orange) so if you’re opting for a glass, keep the glass size small (it takes 2-4 oranges to make a small glass of freshly squeezed orange juice).