Spotlight: Inga Edulis

I is for Inga edulis or the Ice Cream Bean!

I have to admit, finding a fruit beginning with ‘I’ completely stumped me, and then I remembered the ice cream bean that I tried fresh from the tree when in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil! (Yes, I know I’m a crazily lucky girl!)

⚪ The Inga edulis (translates as ‘edible tree’) is called the ice cream bean because it tastes a bit like vanilla and has a strange fluffy texture not completely unlike ice cream.

⚪ It is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in polyphenols and anti-oxidants which boost immunity. A 100g portion of the pulp (the tasty white fluffy bit in the picture) contains 60kcal per 100g, 1g of protein, 1.2g of fibre and only 0.1g of fat.