Fibre… Are you getting enough?

In a review commissioned by the World Health Organisation, reported by the BBC shows that 90% of us don’t get enough fibre in our diets. Fibre is essential for healthy digestion and it thought to reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. It’s recommended that we get 30g of fibre in a day.
Here’s a rough list of the amount of fibre you’ll find in some everyday foods (values on the conservative side):
πŸ₯£30g Branflakes β‰ˆ 4.4g
πŸ₯£2 weetabix β‰ˆ 3.8g
πŸ₯£30g oats β‰ˆ 2.9g
🍞1 slice wholemeal bread β‰ˆ1.9g
🍞1 slice white bread β‰ˆ 0.5g
🍴half can Baked beans in tomato sauce β‰ˆ 7.4g
🍴half can kidney beans β‰ˆ 6.6g
πŸ₯”1 medium potato β‰ˆ 4.7g
πŸ₯•1 medium carrot β‰ˆ 1.6g
🍴90g frozen peas β‰ˆ 3g
πŸ₯¦1 cup broccoli β‰ˆ 2.4g
🍌1 medium banana β‰ˆ 3.1g
🍏1 medium apple β‰ˆ 2.9g
100g spinach β‰ˆ 2.4g
1 cup raspberries β‰ˆ 8g
🍝75g spaghetti β‰ˆ 1.4g
🍝75g wholemeal spaghetti β‰ˆ 6g
🍚75g white Basmati rice β‰ˆ 1.7g
🍚75g brown rice β‰ˆ 2.5g
🍴10 almonds β‰ˆ 1g
Try tracking your food intake for a day using something like myfitnesspal and see how your fibre consumption adds up.
HINT: Go to the diary settings in your myfitnesspal app to make sure it displays fiber as one of the tracked nutrients.
[A balanced diet is always recommended and don’t make any drastic dietary changes without getting clearance from your doctor first]