Challenge for lent

Here’s the overview of the Tabata Challenge I set for lent 2019.

As many people decide to give things up for lent, I asked people  to add something in… Just 4 minutes of your day, every day (apart from Sundays as they’re not prescribed days of abstinence for lent) for 40 days (46 real days will pass) – that’s less than 0.3% of each day!⁣

Tabata timing is 20 sec work, 10 sec rest 8 times over… that’s just 4 minutes work! Easy right?! ⏱️⁣
The beauty of a tabata workout it that it’s short…the beast of the tabata work out is that each interval has to be all out effort, you’re going to NEED that 10 seconds rest but keep at it and I assure you, you’ll get results! ⁣

There will be just ONE exercise each day, it can be adapted for people of all levels of fitness by going at your maximum.⁣

If an exercise is new to you, please spend a bit of time practising first to make sure your form is correct although none of them are overly tricky moves because 1) it’s not necessary and 2) because we’ll be putting in 100% effort, it’s easy for form to slip.⁣