But I have asthma… Can I train?


Asthma is a lung condition, linked to allergies, that results in occasional breathing difficulties, breathlessness, coughing and wheezing. It usually develops in childhood but there are cases of adult-onset Asthma. Unfortunately, there is no cure, however inhalers are usually prescribed for prevention and relief.

I have had clients in the past that suffer from asthma, many of them are nervous about exercising, in particular if there is mention of cardio – that this may trigger an attack. Asthma is a VERY serious condition and care must be taken. My experience has taught me that symptoms improve with exercise and there are scientific studies that back up my thoughts.

The general gist is that asthma shouldn’t prevent you from exercising, care should be taken to not overexert to the point that an attack is triggered, be prepared, and be aware that certain activities may exacerbate symptoms, for example swimming (due to the chlorine in the public swimming pools).

Here’s the Asthma UK guide to exercise with asthma:

**ALWAYS follow doctors advice and always carry your inhaler with you**

So the answer to the question of Can I do that? – Absolutely, just be aware of how you’re feeling, rest when needed and breathe!