30 Day Plank Challenge

Everyone knows I love a little challenge! Here’s a low intensity one for a change. Whether you want to kick things off again after a bit of a break or just want a bit of extra core work to supplement your other workouts, here’s a plank challenge – just a few minutes of planking each day to build a stronger core.

There’s a link to the whole 30 Day Plank Challenge here.

Technique notes:

Make sure you squeeze everything tight when you’re planking, you don’t want your back to drop but neither do you want your bum to be sticking up in the air. If you squeeze EVERYTHING, including your glutes, you will get the most out of the plank (and a cheeky bit of an extra leg and booty workout as well! 🍑)

Let me know how you get on! Any questions, drop me a comment below.